ND Republicans To Gather Confused Followers Like Sheep In Fargo Roundup

As a child of the 60’s, I was at the tail-end of America’s fascination with the cowboys of the old west. Children of the 50’s had the Cisco Kid, the Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers. As a nation we’ve always loved our cowboy image and so it’s no surprise that I often found myself watching a western movie matinee on any given Saturday afternoon growing up.

Is the NDGOP resorting to using ouija boards instead of polling to determine the outcome of races?

The image of the cowboy on horseback driving the scared and confused cattle to the round-up is as American as it gets. It’s amusing, then, to see this morning’s NDGOP announcement of their upcoming ‘Round-Up’ in Fargo. The goal, it would seem, is to gather all the Republican faithful in one place for a cheerleading exercise, but the imagery is too appropriate by a long shot.

Good-hearted North Dakotans are the would-be livestock being driven by fear and confusion towards the ballot box in November. A toxic mix of Fox News and North Dakota GOP misinformation whipping them up and herding them – the hoots and hollars (and several million dollars) of the Karl Rove Gang moving them towards their metaphorical slaughter. In this case, however, the Rick Berg’s and Brian Kalk’s are not so much the cowboys but the robber barons who ran the slaughterhouses – keeping the prices high and hoarding the profits for themselves.

Time and again the North Dakota Republicans have counted on the local media to misinform the good citizens of the state, helping muster the electorate into the pens that are the voting booths. With policies that only benefit the most privileged few, they use our own Midwestern values against us – our faith, our patriotism and our morality. The Teapubican policies are an economic nightmare so they focus on social issues, encouraging us to allow our darker tendencies to win out – voting for policies that will lessen the rights of others.

These men who would portray themselves as the modern cowboy heroes, the white hatted champions of the silver screen, and nothing more than cowards and criminals – lining their own pockets and robbing our state of it’s true western heritage and the natural old-west beauty will soon be crushed under their bulldozer of oil profits. The round-up – the cattle being driven to the slaughterhouse pens – is a most appropriate theme for their drive to November. I commend them for at least that unintended bit of ironic honesty.