BusinessWeek: Strip clubs welcome oil workers to ND boom town

The Williston Chamber of Commerce probably won't list this booming industry in their next brochure

Dre Holder got a good vibe when he arrived in Williston in search of a high-paying oil job. The 25-year-old from San Diego stepped off the train in the North Dakota boom town and immediately saw two strip clubs adjacent to the Amtrak depot.

“Cool,” he said, eyeing the neon-lit bars before heading into one for a beer. “I’ve heard the ratio of men to women here is 87-to-1, so this is awesome.”

Most cities work to enhance entry points like transportation hubs with landmarks or other items as a matter of public pride and to market the communities to potential 外汇交易平台 businesses. But first impressions may be beside the point in Williston, where the economy is exploding and jobs at the Bakken and Three Forks oil formations outnumber the takers.

While the exact ratio isn’t known, there’s no question that with the influx of mostly male oil workers, Williston is testosterone heavy.

Whispers Nightclub and Heartbreakers Gentleman’s Club stand out on the first block of Main Street, located diagonally from the chamber of commerce and the downtown senior center in the town of about 15,000.

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