Meet Dr. Jerry – We’ve got Google and We’re Not Afraid to Use It

The conservative blogs are all a-twitter about Heidi Heitkamp taking a question during a town hall in Minot on Thursday evening. The questioner asked Heidi about the Ryan Budget (). Then he tried to educate her on the Rick Berg/Ryan Budget (). Then he tried to promote a website about the Rick Berg/Ryan Budget. Apparently, he really wanted to talk about the Rick Berg/Ryan Budget (although ).

Don't mess with Jerry – he likes Taekwondo & concealed weapons

Town Hall meetings used to be an excellent opportunity for people to meet candidates. They provided a forum where someone running for office, or currently serving in an office, could get more personal in speaking with the voting public. This relaxed, personable atmosphere ended once the Kock Brothers bought the fledgling Tea Party movement and started with .

I imagine, in conservative circles, disrupting a progressive candidate’s Town Hall meeting is considered a badge of honor. Of course it doesn’t matter that the people who attend the event are most likely robbed of an 嘉盛 opportunity to ask the candidate real questions about actual issues. The Teapublicans have proven over and over in the last couple of years that the only people who deserve rights are white, straight, male and Christian (and not all of them either).

So, let’s introduce our latest Tea Party hero: Dr. Jeremiah Glosenger of Minot. Since we’ve got the Interwebs, all loaded up with the Google machine and Facebook, we wanted to know who Jeremiah (who we’re going to call Jerry) is and what may have prompted him to attend Heidi’s Town Hall as the unofficial Northwest North Dakota spokesperson for the Rick Berg – Ryan Budget Promotional Committee.

Don't mess with Mrs. Jerry either – this is her gun and she likes it concealed it as well

Here’s a little about Jerry:

  • Jerry is from Maryland and arrived in North Dakota recently by way of Ohio (where he was a big fan of   – who’s attack on collective bargaining rights was rejected by Ohio voters).
  • Jerry is a salt of the earth facial surgeon at the Face and Jaw Surgery Center in Minot, having recently graduated from Ohio State University (in 2011).
  • Jerry is a Mormon and graduated from Brigham Young University. Strangely, he’s a fan of Mitt Romney (who’d have guessed?).
  • Jerry is also a fan of the North Dakota Republican Party (stunning, we know).
  • Jerry likes the , an anti-gay hate group founded by (One of the worst people walking the earth – or more realistically being driven around the earth in a limo).
  • Jerry likes the group – a group that just loves old , the ultra-bigot white supremacist lawman hero of the Tea Party.
  • Jerry likes concealed weapons. He’s a member of BYU Students for Concealed Carry (always better to have more concealed weapons on campus) and the U.S. Concealed Carry Association.
  • Jerry is so good with concealed weapons that he’s a National Rifle Association Certified Pistol Instructor who taught defense classes in Ohio.
  • Jerry home schools his children (or his wife does – those liberal schools fill kid’s heads with crap like science and truth).
  • Jerry probably isn’t a good gambler – he was a fan of Shane Goettle’s run at Rick Berg’s soon to be open seat and  – before and . We’re assuming he’s a sworn disciple of Rick Berg since he’s already appearing at Town Hall’s as Rick’s spokessurgeon.
  • Mrs. Jerry has a nice photo of her with Mitt Romney. Smiles everyone!

So there you have it. No prior motives that we can find in Jerry’s background. Just another interested citizen who LOVES the Rick Berg/Ryan Budget and wanted to get Ms. Heitkamp’s opinion on it.

If you live in Minot and need jaw surgery, look Jerry up – and don’t forget to bring your concealed weapon. You know he’ll be packing and you don’t want to be outgunned.