Politico: Wyoming Congressman Denny Rehberg Forms Fundraising Committee with Rick Berg

From the Politico Influence blog:

Republicans are worried about Slumlord Berg's poll numbers – so they're dumping money into his campaign

Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.) is teaming with Sen.John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) to form a joint fundraising committee called — wait for it — the Barrasso & Rehberg Joint Committee. But lo, Rehberg isn’t finished: He’s also formed another joint fundraising committee with Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.) and Rep. Rick Berg (R-N.D.), the latter who is seeking his own Senate seat in North Dakota. It’ll be known as the Berg, Heller & Rehberg Victory Committee. Joint fundraising committees may collect funds on behalf of any of its members penis enlargement and distribute the amassed funds to any or all of them at the committees’ discretion.

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