The Hill: Dems can hold Senate

The early 2012 conventional wisdom was that Republicans would easily take control of the Senate this November. It was a perfectly reasonable supposition — 23 Democratic seats are up for reelection, with the GOP defending just 10. Given that Republicans need a net pickup of only four seats for an outright majority, the numbers appeared to be squarely in their favor.

But elections have a funny way of confounding even the surest predictions, and it’s increasingly evident that Mitch McConnell might want to hold off on ordering those new business cards.

Six of the seats where Democrats are playing defense are in red states, and one of them is Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill’s. McCaskill remains the most endangered Democratic incumbent, her hopes resting on a nasty GOP primary 外汇交易平台 that might produce a weakened opponent. And in Nebraska, Democratic former Senator and Gov. Bob Kerrey trails badly, although he’s making Republicans spend money in a state they had chalked up in the win column just a few months ago.

But in North Dakota, where Republicans thought they had an easy pickup when Sen. Kent Conrad retired, former Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp leads in the early polling. And West Virginia’s Joe Manchin is headed toward an easy reelection after narrowly winning the seat in a 2010 special election.

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