Rick Berg, The Ryan Budget and Memorial Day

As we celebrate those who have given the last full measure defending freedom for us and others, I think the budgets proposed by Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) show where veterans lie in the hierarchy of the Republican world. In his first budget 二元期权 proposal for the year 2012, which Rick Berg voted for, the Veterans Affairs budget was cut by $4.2 billion dollars. Then with Ryan’s 2013 budget, which Rick Berg also voted for, the word ‘veteran’ doesn’t even appear in the document.

What I take away from the budget policy and foreign policy of the Republican party is that they seem to appear to be more interested in creating a veteran than they are in taking care of the wounds, both physical and mental, these men and women return home with. However what DOES appear in both of these budget proposals are more tax breaks for the mega rich like Rick Berg himself.

So while remembering those who have sacrificed their lives in defense of freedom for America and our allies, also remember that the only thing Rick Berg is interested in defending is his own personal fortune.