Measure 3: Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Defeat

Measure 3 is anti-woman and anti-gay and is an attempt to take the failed Blunt amendment (text can be found here: ) and make it part of the North Dakota Constitution. To me this is just a way for the Catholic leadership, who have been the most vocal and active proponents of the measure, to legally apply their religious doctrine to as many people as possible even if they are not of the Catholic faith.

I am strongly opposed to this measure. In my opinion this measure is all about denying contraception and contraceptive services to women. The reason is my wife suffers from both polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis, disorders that affect her reproductive system. Left untreated, these ailment can cause a woman to have a hysterectomy in her 30’s and require her to have hormone replacement treatments to prevent the onset of menopause. The most common and effective treatment for these disorders is, among a few other medications, the birth control pill. The birth control pill slows the spread of the scar tissue 二元期权平台 in the abdomen. After some time though a surgery is required to remove the scar tissue completely. However if measure 3 passes my employer, or any one else’s, can decide that it is against their moral obligation to their faith and can no longer provide a health insurance plan that covers birth control. My wife’s doctor, or any doctor, could decide that it is “God’s will” that we not have children and that he or she will not perform any treatments for her condition. To cause pain and suffering in another human being to show how faithful you are is actually one of the least moral acts one can do.

This measure is exactly the type of religious tyranny the First Amendment to the US Constitution is supposed to prevent. It deserves to die at the hands of the democracy that protects religious freedom, not enforce one you don’t believe in on you.