Truth In Advertising Laws Don’t Apply To Rick Berg

I think it’s about time for the Consumer Protection Agency to step in and issue a “fraud alert” against the Rick Berg campaign.  On paper the product looks so appealing: increased personal responsibility leading to smaller government; resulting in lower taxes and money magically trickling down from the sky.  But before you look for the “sign me up now” button; you might want to read the fine print and remember: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

This scam has been hoodwinking voters in rural states for generations.  Right now an elite team of snake oil salesmen is being assembled, setting their sights on North Dakota’s Senate seat.   The product offered this year is a 2012 Rick Berg, engineered to resemble the 2004 John Thune model.  Rick comes streamlined, sans charm and likability, but what you do get is a faithful bureaucrat willing to hold the door for Karl Rove & Co. to come in and make a mockery of North Dakota’s election process.

So what can average North Dakotans do to protect themselves against this onslaught of false advertising?  The best defense is to recognize the hoax that Republicans actually stand for small government. “Government needs to learn to do more with less” conservatives shout but it’s all rhetoric.  Just take a look at the Republican record on how to build a bloated Executive branch.  Using the total number of Federal employees as a benchmark, Ronald Regan 外汇交易入门 expanded the Federal payroll by 8.2% over his predecessor Jimmy Carter. (Excluding dressed military personnel).  Comparing Regan’s size of government against that of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama it gets worse.  When Regan left office his vision of “small” government was a whopping 15.2% larger than Bill Clinton’s and 10% greater than that of Obama’s. (It should also be noted that the Obama Administration number was taken during the census year of 2010 – ).

I will give credit where credit is due as there is one area of government Republicans can’t wait to eliminate. The part currently preventing them from ripping you and me off even further.  Just a hunch, but based on how comfortable Rick Berg’s Washington, DC buddies are in publicly discussing the firing of teachers, police officers, firefighters, gutting Medicare and privatizing Social Security; this tells me these guys already have a plan for unleashing their next bubble economy. It hinges on getting access to grandma’s retirement account.  All they need is the Senate and White House to bring back the good old days of 2005, 2006, 2007, 200…well it’ll work this time, Mitt Romney and Rick Berg promise (wink, wink).

What else do you need to know?  If you want big, crony-style government: vote for Republicans and Rick Berg.  If you want efficient, attentive, and competent public service from your elected officials: vote with Heidi and the Democrats.  It really is that black and white this election year.