Bad Night for North Dakota Ultracons

Tuesday, June 12th was a .  There were two measures on the ballot rooted heavily in neocon, Ron Paul/Southern Republican-style ideology — measures two and three — and one rooted in racism — measure four.  All were defeated by wide margins.  The Measure 2 constitutional amendment to eliminate property taxes was defeated 77 to 23-percent.  Measure 3, a vague attempt to foist religious principles on others, went down 64 to 36-percent, and Measure 4, the battle to keep the Fighting Sioux nickname at UND — consequences be damned — was defeated 67 to 33.

, his fourth loss in a run for office.  In this case, Duane Sand is only moderately more conservative than Rick Berg, but he lost nonetheless.  Brian Kalk also lost to Kevin Cramer in the Republican Congressional Primary.

In Fargo, City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn lost his seat after the shortest tenure in recent memory.  Piepkorn, a loudmouth conservative who had a habit of going on Fargo radio with self-proclaimed (and deeply in denial) “Independent” Jay Thomas, broke the number one rule of local politics — don’t make a spectacle of yourself when 福汇官网 you’re more likely to get elected due to name-recognition because nobody knows who you really are.  Mayor Dennis Walaker endorsed Melissa Sobolik for the seat which eventually cost Piepkorn his chair.  After hearing the venom from Piepkorn’s mouth on so many occasions, it would not be a surprise to see him run for Mayor against Walaker in the next election cycle.

Democrats Heidi Heitkamp, Pam Gulleson, and Ryan Taylor all ran unopposed and secured their party’s endorsements on Tuesday night.

What does this all say about the state of North Dakota politics?  A couple of things.  North Dakota voters are conservative but sensible.  They trend toward the middle of the road.  They don’t hang their hats on ideology.  And they run — fast — away from candidates who come off as angry and ideologically locked.  Rick Berg, are you listening?

Furthermore, stunt-measures based on buzz phrases like “religious freedom” and poorly planned tax measures that would have made Gordon Kahl stand up and cheer do not appeal to mainstream common sense voters in North Dakota.  If you want to put some money back in North Dakotans pockets, .

On to November.