Oil Companies Profit, Refuse to Give Back

Remember during the healthcare debate, when conservatives were screaming about “the goodwill of the people” providing for the less-fortunate?  Remember during the Bush tax cut debate when conservatives continued to insist that if we ensure success and 捷凯金融 prosperity for the wealthy it would trickle down to less-fortunate Americans?  Remember during the Deepwater Horizon disaster when conservatives were apologizing to BP and screaming that increased regulations on oil companies were punitive, unnecessary, and job killing?

Why do liberals insist on putting their nose into issues like this?  This is why.

a housing fund created to fund low-income housing projects in North Dakota’s oil patch is underfunded to the point that developments may have to be cut.  Why?  Because the oil companies who are reaping billions from our natural resources are not holding up their end of the bargain.  “Only a handful of the hundreds of businesses that benefit directly from the oil bonanza have contributed to the housing incentive fund.”  This is despite a dollar-for-dollar tax credit from the state.

The majority of donations to the fund have come from private individuals, while the companies that could have the biggest impact on the fund have largely chosen to sit out.  Marathon Oil would be the exception.  They made a 2.5 million dollar donation in December, just before the deadline.

There is no goodwill when it comes to big business.  There is no prosperity to trickle down to the less-fortunate.  Big business won’t do anything unless they’re required to.  And they have no shame.