Cramer Campaign Email Highlights Lack of Leadership and a Confused Team in Disarray

Late this afternoon, Kevin Cramer’s campaign sent out an email that, in one short digital blast, gives us some insight into the complete mess of a campaign he’s running. The email seems to be a hodge-podge of ideas and redacted text, and makes the opening summary – “Kevin Cramer is one of North Dakota’s most popular elected officials … and a trusted leader” – seem like a the punchline to the joke that follows.

Team Cramer At It’s Finest

Beyond that opening summary, the entire next section is in ALL CAPS  and (this is an example of strikethrough). While this could be forgiven as a possible misuse of a typography technique, the following ‘Candidate Biography’ contains what were apparently intended to be redacted phrases, again in strikethrough.

Wikipedia’s article on strikethough (linked above) adds some extra hilarity to it’s misuse in this context: “It can also be used deliberately to imply a change of thought; for example: ‘John Doe is an idiot not so intelligent.’” Never has that concept been more relevant that it is when used in reference to Kevin ‘John Doe’ Cramer’s campaign.

Obviously, this email was originally written to be released immediately following the primary election, as it contains redacted references to “a crowded field of six contenders”. By reading the redacted text, one can get a glimpse of Cramer’s campaign spinning the news. Take for instance the 艾福瑞 “Polling Data” section, where his team had to average both pre-primary and recent polls to get a number that looks good on paper. This technique is normally used by campaigns that aren’t doing well in true independent polling – by adding ‘friendly’ poll numbers in to average the bad true numbers.

The fact that this email was sent out by his staff begs the question – couldn’t , Cramer’s owner, provide a competent staff with all the money they’re throwing at his campaign?

While the email may provide us with hours of laughter, it is also a somber reality check – this is the best man the North Dakota GOP could muster up for our lone House seat. This, my friends, is the ND Republican Congressional ‘Dream Team’ at work.

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June 27, 2012 Cramer Campaign Email

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