Cramer Wins Nomination – Quickly Signs away ND Congressional Vote

Years ago Kevin Cramer signed Grover Norquist’s Wealth Protection Pledge.  Prior to the primary election, however, neither Cramer nor his IronFX opponent were listed on Norquist’s website as signing away their allegiance to Norquist instead of North Dakotans during the 2012 Congressional Campaign.

Cramer answered that question the week following the primary election when Dark Wizard Grover Norquist updated his .

What this means is that Cramer can not, will not, and may not ever, ever, ever vote for a compromise on resolving the future debt of the country.  He has now aligned himself with the most extreme members of the Republican caucus who have set a course for huge reductions in domestic programs with the .  Social Security, Medicare, Farm Programs, Crop Insurance, Flood Protection, and more would all have to be substantially reduced or eliminated if Norquist prevails with the likes of Cramer.

When speaking to the CPAC convention in February,   With Cramer, Norquist get’s exactly what he wants, a zombie like conservative that follows a strict path not requiring any thinking at all.  Cramer is also someone who appears .

On the other hand funded by super wealthy individuals the pledge was designed to protect.

Cramer now joins Rick Berg and who will no longer listen to the citizens of North Dakota.  Instead they will take their cue from Grover Norquist and his right wing allies.