Cantor: Forget the Farm Bill – It’s a Political Loser

To avoid the probability of Rick Berg and Kevin Cramer’s Tea Party Republicans tearing up the farm bill, crop insurance, conservation and more – Republicans have gone into delay mode.  Initially, Eric Cantor said they were done legislating for the year.  But after getting pummeled in the press and when it became clear the Senate would fxdd move a farm bill, House Republicans said they would conduct an Ag Committee markup in June.  This markup was then delayed until after the 4th of July recess due to a conflict that didn’t actually exist.  Now Cantor doesn’t think they will have time to consider a farm bill.  Yet he has no trouble scheduling one more Obamacare debate and vote.
The truth is, this is all smoke and mirrors to protect farm state Republicans from themselves.  They don’t want to bring a farm bill to the floor because they know their caucus will butcher everything in it.  So rather than be faced with an uncomfortable vote to approve a crappy farm bill, they will delay and dodge.  They don’t want a vote to occur prior to the election.  That way farmers and ranchers won’t truly know who they are voting for.  Except those of you watching, of course.

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On Boehner’s right flank, conservative groups of non-ag committee members say they are ready to mobilize against the bill. These include ‘Under the Dome,’ tea party conservatives who insist on calling the legislation the ‘food welfare bill’ and want to stymie it before it ever gets considered and thus avoid even a floor vote.

“‘We’re trying to figure out how to keep this bill from coming to the floor altogether. It would divide the conservative movement in such a deep way right before the election that it could be truly devastating,’ an aide to a conservative member told the press this week. ‘If leadership tries to move the food welfare bill onto the House floor, they’ll have tremendous and sustained problems from conservatives in and out of Washington.’”