Red State vs. Blue State or the Battle of the Bulge

Previous to becoming one of the biggest dirt bags this side of Newt Gingrich, former Presidential candidate John Edwards talked incessantly about the “Two Americas of haves and have-nots”.  Of course right-wingers immediately conjured up images of welfare mothers in Detroit and HIV positive, heroin addicts in California as comprising the group Edwards was waging class warfare to defend.  Truth be told, when it comes to our health and general well-being, Edwards was exactly right: we clearly have two Americas.

Take a look at the state rankings:

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  1. Vermont
  2. Massachusetts
  3. New Hampshire
  4. Connecticut
  5. Hawaii
  6. Minnesota
  7. Utah
  8. Maine
  9. Idaho
  10. Rhode Island
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  1. Mississippi
  2. Louisiana
  3. Arkansas
  4. Nevada
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Alabama
  7. Kentucky
  8. West Virginia
  9. Tennessee
  10. South Carolina
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So let’s take this “Two America’s” concept al little further. Imagine these two groups actually represent two sovereign nations.  Based on the fact that 80% of the states in the “healthiest” group voted for Barack Obama, we will call that “Blue America”.  Because 90% in the “unhealthiest” group voted overwhelmingly against Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, that will be “Red America”.

Red, White & Obese

A little history, in 2009 Blue America extended an olive branch towards Red America, offering a strategy in taking the first steps to prevent a full blown healthcare crisis.  The plan would eventually cover almost everyone and lower costs by expanding the pool of participants including the catastrophically sick (biggest cost), the sort of sick (soon to be the catastrophically sick) but most importantly expand coverage to younger, healthier adults.  You know those tight jeaned hipsters, too worried about not being able to ride their bicycles 12 months out of the year, to realize they will be forced to buy health insurance.

So it was written in March of 2010, the liberal elite from Blue America roared: “because we are healthier, please, please, pretty please, Red America – give us your clogged arteries, your biggest pork rind eating offenders and even your 55 pound two year olds. Let’s get them all covered, it is the moral thing to do…and we can talk about banning fracking a little later.”

So how did Red America respond when given the chance to chime in later that November?   With a big, gas station burrito fueled belch, they proclaimed their stance against socialism.  What followed was unprecedented destruction of political seniority and public policy experience. Voting out nearly every moderate and conservative Democrat on the ballot, and the truly sad part: it was all to the detriment of Red America.  To put it bluntly, what has happened in Red America is akin to watching the town drunk being cut off and thrown out of the local bar.  You know that guy, not necessarily violent but invariably his own worst enemy, eventually going home with broken eye glasses and a torn shirt.

So what’s next for the citizens of Red America?  For starters, just some advice: the adult temper tantrum as a political ideology needs to stop viagra a vendre.  Red America, health care reform isn’t for San Francisco, Chicago or Boston it is for YOU: the area of the country that thinks freedom is correlated to how many calories and fat one can ingest.

Now after ridding themselves of the preachy, do-gooder politicians and just like the town drunk, most have found a new haunt.  Albeit not quite as comfortable as the old place, but at least they have their freedom.  Well, until they find out drinks are five times more expensive.  But you know, the new owner stops in every once in a while to say: “Keep drinkin’ it up boys, one day you can be just like me and own your own place!”   So they’ve got that going for them.