Kevin Cramer Tries To Hide His Leash

Cramer’s leash is stretched to the very end

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” The quote from Abraham Lincoln, had to be on the mind of Fargo Forum reporter Kirsten Daum when listening to US House candidate Kevin Cramer making himself out to be a belligerent fool yesterday acheter viagra 100.

And here I thought the ND GOP couldn’t possibly find a more unlikeable candidate than Rick Berg; springing up from the ground to

pronounce and end to the welfare state is the exciting, fresh face of Kevin Cramer. “We’re at a time now where one out of seven people are on food stamps in this country,” “I say: Come to North Dakota and look for work. We know how to do it here.” Apparently someone needs to point out to Mr. Cramer, who swaggers with all the appeal of a 1980’s televangelist, North Dakota takes more than it pays out when it comes to Federal tax dollars. Those who deal in reality just might call that the very definition of a welfare state. Taking shots at poor people is the Republican way. Especially when those poor people are nameless, faceless welfare recipients from scary, “urban” states. What cowards.Now if you didn’t catch the sarcasm earlier, Cramer’s very essence is that of a C-list bureaucrat. He speaks only in talking points fed to him by handlers, think George W. Bush but not quite as intelligent. If you have not heard one of his speeches, here is the abridged Cramer: I like freedom, liberals are bad, poor people suck, USA, USA…praise Harlod Hamm and Jesus, amen.

In the ND GOP’s never ending battle against college professors and “baseless” facts they spew, all one would have to do is look at state demographics to realize the extent of Kevin Cramer’s bizzaro world. North Dakota has one of the oldest populations in the country which means a disproportionate number needing assistance with food, heating their homes, buying medicine and access to health care. In Dickinson circa 2008, a city Cramer would certainly point to as knowing how to do it, residents faced closure of their hospital. Unfathomable to think the major healthcare center serving southwestern North Dakota was just days away from shutting down because it had lost federal funding to keep the lights on. During this period, anyone who had to drive a loved one to Hettinger, Bismarck, or Bowman seeking reliable treatment would find Kevin Cramer’s comments as insulting, callous and displaying just how cracked this man’s thinking is when it comes to the basic functions of government.

What’s more, all that campaign cash from big oil, Kevin Cramer doesn’t see that as a conflict or a bad thing. HELL NO, that is something to brag about. In his dimension, earning those contributions from the petroleum industry is exactly what public servants should be spending all their time securing. Matter of fact, anyone candidate who doesn’t, well they simply cannot be trusted.

God help us if Kevin Cramer and slithering politicians like him, ever get close to executing their world view in the halls of Congress.