The 700 Trillion Club

Hey remember the 80’s? I sure do. Reagan being shot, the Challenger exploding, Tiananmen Square, but a couple other events stand out for me. Like how Chernobyl humanized the Soviets, Ollie North’s ascension to national hero for lying, and then there was the rise and fall of the televangelists.

Jim Baker, The 700 Club, Jerry Falwell, so many more, it seemed not a week passed during the summer of 1987 without some well-dressed, toupee’d individual, being frog-marched out of a mansion. Yes the caper was up as even the most faithful disciples realized these preachers were just businessmen and greedy ones at that. So where did they all go? We know what happened to the highest profile characters, but I might point out an organization like PTL Ministries had hundreds of business executives and money making strategists. My theory is they continued to follow the money and became Republicans in the early 1990’s. Evidence you say?

Let’s look at the pattern of rhetoric. Republicans, like TV Evangelists are essentially sales people. Some good and some not so good, but they sure know how to create a compelling event for getting their customers motivated enough to buy. And few things are more effective than selling fear of the future, whether it is the world coming to end or liberalism is destroying America. Both somehow result in YOU having to send money NOW. Operators are standing by…

Here is a quick overview showing just how engrained this apocalyptic mantra has become into Republican talking points.

In 1993 and 1994, Republicans told us so: Bill Clinton and his budget would ruin America. Slick Willy was going to tax the US right out of existence. Well a funny thing happened on the way to Rush Limbaugh’s next book: 6 years of unprecedented prosperity, balanced budgets, and deficit reduction. But wait, by 1998 he was surrendering our sovereignty to the UN….ah screw it.

In 2001 and 2002, deficits didn’t matter because evil doers and the Democrats needed to be defeated. Islamofascists and their Chamberlain-esque appeasers were the greatest threat, not only to the United States, but to all of civilization. Well, again a funny thing happened on the way to Karl Rove’s 20 years of domination. We found out, New Orleans doesn’t float, the economy tanked not once but twice under W., and in scenes eerily reminiscent of Jimmy Swaggart & CO, so called family value Republicans were exposed as a bunch of hypocrites.

But in 2009, the real threat to America was revealed in the form of a socialist, Muslim, Kenyan armed with pentagram engraved stimulus and healthcare plans. Angry droves assembled with a message: Folks we better wake up because this is the big one, instant cardiac arrest for the American way of life. Unless, you elect a special brand of Republicans called Tea Baggers Tea Partiers, with special powers to ward off spells from foreign born, Marxists. Remember operators are still standing by.

Now I can just hear my conservative friends with their automated response: “what’s your point, commie?” Well here is the point and it hits right home in North Dakota, so pay attention. The language currently being recycled from Rick Berg, Kevin Cramer, and Jack Dalrymple drips with the same drivel that bound so many to give Tammy Faye Baker their SSN’s. This crew will continue to push the absurd notion that Democrats are inherently dangerous to North Dakota. Never mind the facts, it was Democrats who held to their core values and fought to see their priorities implemented. Programs that revolutionized North Dakota: Social Security, Medicare, interstate highways, hydro-electricity, communications networks, farm programs, and the list could go on and on.

But I can tell you where Democrats do pose a grave threat is to the practice of using public office as a means to grow one’s own personal bank account and extend favors to a select network of buddies. Now for some in the ND GOP, I suppose that does equate to the world coming to an end.