Berg Marching in Lockstep with the GOP

It’s been a few pretty quiet weeks for Congressman Rick Berg as of late.  Have you noticed how he hasn’t been out in public much?  After getting booed during a debate with Heidi Heitkamp for claiming the problem with Washington is blame, blame, blame, Berg went underground.  He voted to support George W. Bush’s Social Security privatization plan, and Heidi rightly called him on it.  But I don’t think Congressman Berg expected the backlash in bright red North Dakota.  It’s easy for Berg to forget that his “I hate Obama more than you,” campaign strategy might play in some places, but North Dakota voters are a little more level-headed.

The truth is, Rick Berg, and the rest of North Dakota’s elected Republicans, have marched in lockstep with George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan.  And they’ve benefited from a conservative North Dakota media that fails to report their actions on a regular basis, or falls for the standard e-mailed talking points, writing them verbatim into their stories.  Jack Dalrymple met with the Fargo Fool’em’s editorial board today.  Do you see any coverage of it on the Forum’s website or in their paper?  I wonder if there’s some reason they don’t want the people to know they met with the governor today?  Did Governor Gin Blossom hand over any helpful bullet points while he was there today?  And did Lloyd Case promptly deliver them to the editors and reporters with instructions to print them verbatim?

Ahhh.  I’m just running off at the mouth now.

It is my opinion we’re seeing a lot of these right-wing politicians laying low right now because Mitt Romney is becoming a liability.  His recently uncovered comments characterizing 47 percent of Americans as lazy freeloaders are doing no favors for the Republicans.  Some of these “freeloaders” are Obama voters who are fighting for our country in Afghanistan right now.  Plus, the man pays a smaller percentage in taxes than the average American — by half.  And that’s only the first revelation from a fundraising video that stands to sink Romney’s campaign, and any chance the GOP had of regaining the Senate.  Depending on how deep wounds cut, the conservatives might even lose the House.

Governor Romney has spent hours criticizing the President for his perceived failures in foreign policy.  But in this surreptitiously recorded fundraising video, Romney relates the story of getting a call from a former Secretary of State–he won’t say which–who told him there’s a possibility for settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians after the Palestinian elections.  Romney’s went on to say “and I didn’t delve into it.”

Really?  A former American Secretary of State (I got a hundred bucks that says it’s Colin Powell) tells Governor Romney the potential exists to end one of the longest, most bloody conflicts on the face of the planet, and Mitt Romney isn’t interested?  This sounds familiar to me.  It sounds like George W. Bush.  Not interested in others’ opinions, trudging blindly forward along some pre-determined path according to party doctrine.  Just like Berg, Dalrymple, and the rest of them.

In the meantime, the Farm Bill languishes.  Haven’t we had enough of this?