You Got Cramered

If you live in North Dakota and automatically vote for the person with the ‘R’ behind their name, congratulations – you’ve picked a winner. We’ve had our share of nutjob North Dakota Republicans in front of microphones recently, with Al Carlson trying to flood his own home and Margaret Sitte confusing the Bible for the Century Code, but Kevin Cramer is a unique kind of stupid.

I’ve yet to meet anybody of any political bent who thinks Cramer is a bright bulb. Most Republicans will tell you they can’t stand the guy and his only saving grace to them is that he’s pliable as a silly putty.

Last fall, BEFORE the election, Cramer was a guest on Scott Hennen’s radio show. The topic was the Farm Bill and Cramer said something beyond stunning, considering North Dakota’s economic reliance on agriculture.

“I think I don’t sense a great urgency at the moment that if a Farm Bill gets passed, or doesn’t get passed, it’s going to change the world. It won’t, because of course we have very high prices, we have great yields this year, at least in North Dakota, we have good crops, we have probably record sugar beet crops, we have a near-record wheat crop, we have, the row crops look awfully good, as long as we can get them up, unless hail or something should happen, that could be a problem. But I think he’s right in the sense that now, we probably can weather not having a Farm Bill.”


And with that bombshell, North Dakota elected this champion of our economy.

Over the past couple of weeks, Senators Heidi Heitkamp and John Hoeven have been talking with regional ag leaders, trying to put together a Farm Bill that will work for our state and our nation as a whole. But the Farm Bill isn’t only about helping the food producers, but also the agencies that provide food assistance.

The Bismarck Tribune reported that Cramer “spoke favorably of the roughly $20 billion in food stamp program (SNAP) cuts in the House bill. He said simply having more stringent requirements in place to qualify will reduce spending and the potential for waste. ‘We’re going to be pushing pretty firm on that. I don’t see there being a lot of room to move on that,’ Cramer said.

That kind of thinking goes against what other regional Republicans are saying. Fellow Republican Kristi Noem of South Dakota thinks SNAP cuts will doom the bill to failure. According to WNAX: “She’s also concerned about the push for large SNAP cuts which could hurt the chances of passing the farm bill. Noem is hopeful they’ll look at common sense reform instead.”

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the SNAP program that Cramer is pushing would eliminate food assistance for nearly 2 million low-income Americans – mostly working families and their children and our senior citizens.

So who does this affect in North Dakota? Everyone. Our economy is still driven by agriculture as much by oil. If the Farm Bill fails because of Cramer’s idiotic overreach all of us will know what it’s like to be Cramered.