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Train Spills 12,000 Gallons Of Crude Oil Near Mississippi River in Minnesota, No Major Cleanup Effort Planned

12,000 gallons of crude oil leaked from a Canadian Pacific Railway train on Monday in Minnesota, dribbling oil along the […]

Kevin Cramer Loves Real Americans – Like Reality TV Stars

During the President’s SOTU address, Kevin Cramer was busy on his phone posting snarky comments to his Twitter feed. One […]

Who is behind the “landowners group” opposed to protecting North Dakota state treasures from oil development?

The “astroturf” group that calls themselves ROPE is a front-group for the oil industry. Check out their “Members”: Officers President: […]

ND GOP District 3 Rep. Roscoe Streyle Thinks Windmills are a Blight on the Landscape, While Oil Rigs are Beautiful

ND GOP District 3 Rep. Roscoe Streyle thinks windmills are a blight on the landscape, while oil rigs are beautiful. […]

Kevin Cramer Signs GOP Shutdown Ransom Note Threatening 122,084 on Social Security in ND

North Dakota Republican Representative Kevin Cramer joined 50 GOP Representatives in signing a letter to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) that makes Social Security […]

Republican Ideologues Will See Backlash

Guest blog by M. In an ideal world, every child is wanted and no person is ever hungry. Unfortunately, the […]

Veeeeery Interesting…

It seems that Congressman Kevin Cramer is traveling around the western part of the state with some friends: U.S. House […]

You Got Cramered

If you live in North Dakota and automatically vote for the person with the ‘R’ behind their name, congratulations – you’ve picked […]

ND GOP Leading the State to the Bottom

The Republican-led North Dakota state Senate recently chose to reject the Minimum Teacher Salary Amendment that would have brought teachers […]

80 Crazy Nights: The Republican’s big misadventure in Bismarck

  The Republican’s in Bismarck have said so many crazy things that there’s enough material to create a “worst of” […]