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Corruption, Cramer, and the PSC

If you want a picture of modern day corruption in politics, you don’t have to look further than the North […]

Where do Rick Berg’s Friends stand on the Farm Bill?

Rick Berg’s public position is to ask his leadership to bring the farm bill to the floor for a vote.  […]

Cantor: Forget the Farm Bill – It’s a Political Loser

To avoid the probability of Rick Berg and Kevin Cramer’s Tea Party Republicans tearing up the farm bill, crop insurance, […]

Cramer Campaign Email Highlights Lack of Leadership and a Confused Team in Disarray

Late this afternoon, Kevin Cramer’s campaign sent out an email that, in one short digital blast, gives us some insight […]

Cramer Wins Nomination – Quickly Signs away ND Congressional Vote

Years ago Kevin Cramer signed Grover Norquist’s Wealth Protection Pledge.  Prior to the primary election, however, neither Cramer nor his […]

Ed Schultz Shines A Light On The Billionaire Rat, Harold Hamm

While most of the media was focusing on the winners and losers in Arizona, perhaps the story with bigger immediate […]

Housing fund lags in North Dakota’s oil country

Farmers Gary and Alvina Skogen contributed what they could to a fund that supports the construction of affordable housing for […]

Oil Companies Profit, Refuse to Give Back

Remember during the healthcare debate, when conservatives were screaming about “the goodwill of the people” providing for the less-fortunate?  Remember […]

Three Reasons This North Dakotan is Voting Obama

As a proud liberal who believes in progress and new ideas, I’ve been dismayed about the state of affairs in […]