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Tea Party Cramer Beats GOP Favorite Kalk in ND House Primary; Whither Strong? | Madville Times

At the North Dakota Republican spring convention (perhaps you remember Kristi Noem’s speech there? No? That’s o.k.: ), the party leadership […]

Questing for Truth About My Birth Certificate

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that something fishy may be going on with regard to my birth certificate. I […]

Just For Men


Bad Night for North Dakota Ultracons

Tuesday, June 12th was a .  There were two measures on the ballot rooted heavily in neocon, Ron Paul/Southern Republican-style ideology — […]

Truth In Advertising Laws Don’t Apply To Rick Berg

I think it’s about time for the Consumer Protection Agency to step in and issue a “fraud alert” against the […]

Faith Groups Call on Senators to Protect ALL Victims of Domestic Violence Left Out Of Flawed House Bill

To: Members of the United States Senate We write to thank you for your vote to support S. 1925, the […]

ALEC – the Trojan Horse in the North Dakota Republican Party

Although it was founded almost 40 years ago, the activities of the  have only recently come under any real scrutiny. Conservative activist […]

Will North Dakotans Get Paid?

In 1976, via a constitutional amendment, a fund filled with oil revenues.  Four years later in 1980, Alaska created the […]

Scott Hennen Cuts Out the Banks

Scott Hennen has apparently had a drastic change of heart.  The free-market conservative spin-meister of North Dakota’s airwaves has gone […]

HuffPost: Ryan Taylor, Jack Dalrymple, North Dakota Governor Candidates, Release Dueling Ads

It is dueling campaign styles as the first ads hit the North Dakota governor’s race, with the Republican incumbent touting […]