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Cramer and Kalk: Stuff those blades where the wind don’t blow

Urgent Memorandum Date:  May 17, 2012 To: ND Wind Energy Companies (LM Glasfiber, DMI Industries, Proposed Wind Project, Windustry Employees) […]

The Hill: Dems can hold Senate

The early 2012 conventional wisdom was that Republicans would easily take control of the Senate this November. It was a […]

The NRSC’s Worst Draft Pick For 2012: North Dakota Elitist Rick Berg

North Dakota sometimes seems like a hopelessly red state. Obama only won 45% of the vote against McCain. The last […]

President’s Call For Marriage Equality Consistent With Christian Ethics

Rev. Chuck Currie, United Church of Christ As a minister in the  (UCC), I want to applaud President Obama’s decision today […]

Romney: “And tell em in North Dakota that I’m good on sugar too. If Rick (Berg) can get away with it, why can’t I?”

Romney to Campaign Aide, “We have to win Michigan, it’s critical to my election.”  Aide, “But Mitt, you were against […]

Politico: Wyoming Congressman Denny Rehberg Forms Fundraising Committee with Rick Berg

From the Politico Influence blog: Republicans are worried about Slumlord Berg's poll numbers – so they're dumping money into his […]

HuffPost: Rick Berg, GOP Senate Candidate In North Dakota, Stumped On Minimum Wage (VIDEO)

Rep. Rick Berg (R-N.D.), who is running for the state’s open U.S. Senate seat, was 搬瓦工 caught off guard when […]

Forum: Whistleblower sees deleted record as part of broader problems at WSI

Two connected moments stand out as pivotal in the life of Stanley Buzalsky Jr., whom friends and family call JR. […]

Meet Dr. Jerry – We’ve got Google and We’re Not Afraid to Use It

The conservative blogs are all a-twitter about Heidi Heitkamp taking a question during a town hall in Minot on Thursday […]

BusinessWeek: Strip clubs welcome oil workers to ND boom town

The Williston Chamber of Commerce probably won't list this booming industry in their next brochure Dre Holder got a good […]