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Berg Downplays “Scheme & Plot” Vote – Food Assistance Programs Hit Hard

As a North Dakota Republican, you know you’ve stepped in your own crap when the state-owned media Fargo Forum calls […]

Kalk Fargo Campaign Mixer Short On Supporters and Substance

A friend of dogWAGGER attended Brian Kalk’s event at the Green Mill in Fargo last evening. The tiny turnout for […]

The Political Solicitation Commission – aka Kalk and Cramer’s ND PSC

If you look at the contributions in the last two election cycles for Brian Kalk and Kevin Cramer, you might […]

“I’m done talking to the Republican party” says candidate after GOP Boss strong-arms him to drop out

A candidate for North Dakota school superintendent abruptly dropped out of the race because a state GOP party boss pressured […]

Mitch McConnell’s House Pet Justin Brasell Funnels Dirty Money To Berg Campaign

How scared is the national Republican party about the North Dakota senate race? According to Politico, The Republican National Committee is […]

Rick Berg, “To be perfectly clear, I support the Senate (farm bill) proposal.” (Except that I really don’t.)

At a meeting in Bismarck, Rick Berg tried to create a foil for voting to cut farm bill spending by […]

Forum Praises Oil Patch Investors For Desire To Ransack State

Today’s Forum Editorial started off with with one true statement: Depending on one’s perspective, news this week out of North […]

Dalrymple Wants To Give Used Minot FEMA Trailers To Tribes

Maybe Dalrymple meant well, but his suggestion to give used FEMA trailers from the Minot flood may be more than […]

Duane Sand Says NDGOP Are Just Whiners

Appearing on Chris Berg’s radio show, Duane Sand griped about the state party’s attitude towards him and his campaign finance […]

Felony Investigations At WSI is reporting that the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigations was at the Workforce Safety & Insurance offices on […]